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CCTV Camera & Video Surveillance System.

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Watch your Home/Factory LIVE on your Mobile/Laptop

Yes, you may see your HOME/FACTORY or any other critical location on your Mobile Phone/Laptop via LIVE VIDEO STREAMING.

As a Business Owner or a responsible Security Officer,  you are well aware of the security challenges that you face. Theft from both internal or external can devastate the business.

Installing CCTV Video Surveillance Systems, in the Factories, Warehouses, Showroom or even highly sensitive places, to check movement of products or persons. 

The DVR/Camera video signals can be integrated into the Internet and viewed LIVE Streaming on your mobile phone or laptop from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, this system includes a Recorder (DVR/NVR) that allows you to replay recorded videos at any moment.

When people are aware that they are being watched, their production levels rise, and the likelihood of crime and adverse situations decreases.

Residential Services

Customers work with us because we provide superior quality surveillance systems at better prices.  We provide free support so when you do have questions about the installation or functionality of our systems we are more than happy to help.

Industrial Services
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If you are the project manager, IT manager, or the owner of a medium and/or dense industrial plant, you are making the right choice in investing in an HD surveillance system. 

Our systems can help you secure your plant for worker safety, inventory loss, vandalism, and other situations that tend to arise. 

Commercial Monitoring Services

Cameras can be deployed at traffic signals, placed alongside busy roads or at busy intersections. The integrated 4G LTE transmission technology, users to view live and recorded video remotely at any time, from any device.  

Surveillance cameras can record and provide worker safety, equipment security in  highways projects and assist with investigating agencies for traffic violations.



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